ay girl? what yo name is?

over the past 48 hours, my whining has prompted my mother to say (no fewer than 7 times), “stop the next black person you see and ask, ‘where are the other Black people?'” but i have not.

i saw a black undergrad with natural hair who seemed approachable, but her grin quickly faded when she saw me approaching her and her cute (black) boyfriend.

there was also the biracial teenage boy in target who, for all intents and purposes, could have really been another white boy in his crew of white boys looking for halloween tshirts. approaching him to ask for other black people seemed the equivalent of asking the expectant mother seated next to me at noodles & company earlier that day.

finally, there were several unassuming black males in various service positions during the course of my time here, but the thought of asking them made me feel a tiny bit…elitist. i felt they were harboring some sort of rage against the college students (black and white) and my asking about “the locals” would make me no better than the white folks (with braids and beads) who ask about “local” food or hangouts when visiting islands like jamaica or aruba.

so i decided that there were no black people. and i would have to learn to deal with that.

today was apartment search day. i set out, early enough, on a journey to find a place to lay my head in between flights home and study sessions at ernie pyle hall. though no leases were signed, i did encounter a Black girl walking up the block on one sunny, tree-lined street. i passed by her, inconspicuously enough, once on  my way to visit a factory made complex full of crazy coeds. on the way back, she was still hoofin’ it, so i decided it was a message from God that i should approach her. blocking her way on the sidewalk with my car, i tilted my head and said, “i know this sounds weird, but can you please tell me where the Black people are?”

she laughed.

so did i.

and that’s how i met my first black girl in btown.

after a brief conversation, it was explained that all of the black students went to howard for homecoming this weekend. while it’s disappointing to not have the opportunity to meet any of them this weekend (and slightly odd that howard’s homecoming could desert a college town), i definitely gave a sigh of relief (and almost a hug) when i received this information. the Black girl, a transfer student from hampton university, was full of helpful information, including deets on prime apartment space for grad students.

the convo ended and i dropped her off at the mall. risky, i know… what with “stranger danger” and what not. but i decided that since i had her name and number now (and she essentially solidified my decision to attend IU) she was not really a stranger…just another lonely black girl in bloomington…like me.

2 Responses to “ay girl? what yo name is?”
  1. heavenbc says:

    i lived in indianapolis for a year and there were quite a few black folks where we lived…. Im not sure how far that is from where ure at but … good luck!!! and what are you doing back in school?!?!?!? i swear u educated people like pain!

    • justme1a says:

      ummm…yes indy has hella black people. bloomington? not so much. it’s about an hour away (though im not sure in what direction) and there is not urban radio station. at all. BUT, my cousin is with the colts, so im sure ill spend quite a bit of time in indy. 🙂 oh and im back in school for a phd in mass comm. i love school. #nerd

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